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    • Advancing cultures of innovation: The change laboratory as an intervention to facilitate agency and collaborative sustainable development among teachers in higher education

      Englund, Claire; Price, Linda (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE), 2018-12-31)
      To cope with the rapidly changing Higher Education climate, teachers need the agency to act proactively to initiate and steer changes to meet their needs. The results of this study indicate that transformative agency emerges when teachers are given the opportunity to analyse, envision and redesign their practice collaboratively with the help of mediating conceptual tools. This has implications for academic development, suggesting that activities providing a ‘third space’ for discussion and criticism of current practices is needed to support the development of agency thus creating a culture of innovative practice.
    • Facilitating agency: the change laboratory as an intervention for collaborative sustainable development in higher education

      Englund, Claire; Price, Linda (Routledge, 2018-06-06)
      To cope with the rapidly changing higher education climate, teachers need agency to act proactively in initiating and steering changes in practice. This paper describes an academic development activity in the form of a Change Laboratory, an intervention method based on Cultural-Historical Activity Theory, to facilitate agency among teachers. The results of the study indicate that transformative agency emerges when teachers are given the opportunity to analyse, envision, and redesign their practice collaboratively. This has implications for academic development, suggesting that activities facilitating discussion, analysis, and criticism of current practices are needed to support the development of agency.
    • Moving towards sustainable policy and practice – a five level framework for online learning sustainability / Progresser vers des politiques et des pratiques durables: un cadre à cinq niveaux pour un apprentissage en ligne durable

      Casanova, Diogo; Price, Linda; University of West London; University of Bedfordshire (Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), 2018-12-31)
      This paper addresses the issue of sustainability in online learning in higher education. It introduces and discusses a five-level framework for helping higher education institutions to make the transition from enterprise to sustainable policy and practice in online learning. In particular, it responds to evidence in the literature regarding the lack of sustainability in online learning in higher education. Influenced by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this framework is characterized by three different clusters: basic needs, institutional motivation, and stakeholders’ motivations. It is presented hierarchically within five different levels. Examples are provided for each of the levels and suggestions are given to how institutions should respond to each level.
    • The influence of sociocultural and structural contexts in academic change and development in higher education

      Englund, Claire; Olofsson, Anders D.; Price, Linda (Springer, 2018-03-10)
      Teaching quality improvements frequently focus upon the ‘development’ of individual academics in higher education. However, research also shows that the academics’ context has considerable influence upon their practices. This study examines the working environments of teachers on an online pharmacy programme, investigating contextual conditions that facilitate or impede academic change and development. Interview data and institutional policy documents are examined within a Cultural-Historical Activity Theory framework. Distinct differences in the teachers’ sociocultural context were identified as influencing change and development. Departmental teaching cultures and patterns of communication influenced practice both positively, by offering collegial support, and negatively by impeding change. The findings have significance for academic development strategies. They suggest that departmental-level support should include communicative pathways that promote reflection upon and development of conceptions of teaching and learning.
    • Application of Error-Correcting Codes (ECCs) for efficient message transmission in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)

      Muhammad, Shehu Jabaka; Zhang, Sijing; Dyo, Vladimir; University of Bedfordshire (Springer, 2018-09-29)
      In this paper, we presented an adaptive application of forward error code (FEC) for efficient message transmission in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs). Our solution is a combination of automatic retransmission request (ARQ) with FEC at the MAC layer. The proposed scheme used the existing channel condition, an estimate of the maximum number of transmissions before the message deadline elapses and message type as an index in code lookup ensemble (CLE) to get an optimum code (optCode) for the current transmission. Furthermore, the system also set the transmission timeout delay RTT , encode the message with the optCode and transmit. However, if the transmission timeout delay elapses before receiving an ACK/NAK, the scheme will return to the initial stage for feasible retransmission of the message. We evaluated the scheme and compared it with the static FEC for reliable and timely safety message transmission; our system outperformed the static FEC in all cases that we have considered.
    • Using autoregressive modelling and machine learning for stock market prediction and trading

      Hushani, Phillip; University of Bedfordshire (Springer, 2018-09-29)
      Investors raise profit from stock market by maximising gains and minimising loses. The profit is difficult to raise because of the volatile nature of stock market prices. Predictive modelling allows investors to make informed decisions. In this paper, we compare four forecasting models: autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA), vector autoregression (VAR), long short-term memory (LSTM) and nonlinear autoregressive Exogenous (NARX). The results of predictive modelling are analysed and compared in terms of prediction accuracy. The research aims to develop a new profitable trading strategy. Our findings are: (i) the NARX model has provided accurate short-term predictions but failed long forecasts, and (ii) the VAR model can form a good trend line required for trading. Thus, the profitable trading strategy can combine the machine learning predictive modelling and technical analysis.
    • Extraction of texture features from x-ray images: case of osteoarthritis detection

      Akter, Mukti; Jakaite, Livija; University of Bedfordshire (Springer, 2018-09-29)
      Texture features quantitatively represent patterns of interest in image analysis and interpretation. Texture features can vary so largely that the analysis leads to interpretation errors and undesirable consequences. In such cases, finding of informative features becomes problematic. In medical imaging, the texture features were found useful for representing variations in patterns of pixel intensity, which were correlated with pathological changes. In this paper, we describe a new approach to extracting the texture features which are represented on the basis of Zernike orthogonal polynomials. We report the preliminary results which were obtained for a case of osteoarthritis detection in X-ray images using a deep learning paradigm known as group method of data handling.
    • Designing an organization for innovation in emerging economies: the mediating role of readiness for innovation

      Arshi, Tahseen Anwer; Burns, Paul; Majan University College; University of Bedfordshire (Vilnius University Press, 2019-12-31)
      The study proposes an organizational design framework that impacts innovation in corporate firms. In an emerging economy like Oman, innovation helps to reduce the dependence on oil revenues and enhance its international competitiveness. However, the corporate organizations in emerging economies are unable to innovate effectively because they are not designed for innovation. Further, scarcity of resources undermines their readiness for innovation. This study empirically validates measures of an entrepreneurial organizational design framework in Omani corporate sector. In order to explain how a corporate organizational design promotes innovation and clarify the missing links between corporate entrepreneurial activity and innovation, the mediating role of readiness for innovation (RFI) is tested. Using a quantitative research approach, data is collected from 401 corporate firms in Oman and analysed using structural equation modelling. The findings support the proposition that entrepreneurial organizational design promotes both radical and incremental innovation degree and frequency, while RFI partially mediates the relationship between entrepreneurial inputs and innovation outputs. The study contributes to the understanding of innovation in emerging economies as it explains that RFI helps firms to enhance its innovation potential by optimizing its resources, capabilities and processes for innovation. These measures are essential for organizations, particularly in emerging economies focused on low cost innovation. The findings of the study will inform managerial decision-making in terms of designing organizations for innovation and implementation of measures related to readiness for innovation. PDF
    • Review of Influencing early childhood education: key figures, philosophies and ideas

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2017-11-08)
      Book review of Influencing early childhood education: key figures, philosophies and ideas, Linda Pound, Open University Press, 2011 9780335241569
    • Review of Breaking through the language arts block: organizing and managing the exemplary literacy day

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2018-08-01)
      Book review of Breaking Through the Language Arts Block Organizing and Managing the Exemplary Literacy Day Lesley Mandel Morrow, Kenneth Kunz, and Maureen Hall Guilford Press, 2018 9781462534463
    • Book review: Making sense of neuroscience in the Early Years

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2017-11-08)
      Book review of Making sense of neuroscience in the Early Years Sally Featherstone Featherstone, 2017 9781472938312
    • Care, play and lifelong learning

      Mathew, David; University of Bedfordshire (Taylor & Francis, 2019-02-04)
      In this paper, links between the concepts of long-term care and lifelong learning are suggested, and notions of care and the author’s construction of the Pedagogic Third will be proposed. The psychoanalysis of children stresses the importance of symbolic play, during which the child uses games to master internal conflicts. Analogous results might emerge from play that engages adult learners. However, where play helps children define roles and accept rule-regulated behaviour, we consider to what extent an adult learner is addressing desires which cannot be satisfied because they are too threatening, or desires which cannot be satisfied in reality and which are represented symbolically in play as an alternative. In order to work through these ideas, we consider a comedic representation of a hospital ward and an extract from the diary of a midwife who was also a long-term patient. The author’s contribution to the conference was a workshop and not the presentation of a paper. As such, this paper has been written in retrospect and is consequently reflective in stance. Much of the work described in this paper is connected to a larger piece of work, a monograph in progress, due to be published in 2019.
    • Book review: Vocabulary assessment to support instruction: building rich word-learning experiences

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2018-10-11)
      Book review of Vocabulary Assessment to Support Instruction: Building Rich Word-Learning Experiences Margaret G. McKeown et al Guilford Press, 2017 9781462530793
    • Book review: Educating outside

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2018-09-19)
      Book review of Educating Outside: Curriculum-linked outdoor learning ideas for primary teachers By: Helen Porter Bloomsbury Education, 2018 9781472946300
    • Book review: Teaching religious education: researchers in the classroom

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2018-07-04)
      Book review of Teaching Religious Education Researchers in the Classroom By: Julian Stern Bloomsbury, 2018 9781350037113
    • Review of Inside teaching: how to make a difference for every learner and teacher

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2018-02-02)
      Book review of Inside Teaching: How to Make a Difference for Every Learner and Teacher By John Blanchard Routledge, 2017 9781138712294
    • Review of Mastering primary design and technology

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor & Francis, 2018-11-26)
      Book review of Mastering Primary Design and Technology, Gill Hope, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018, ISBN 9781474295390
    • Review of Working together for children: a critical introduction to multi-agency working

      Mistry, Malini Tina (Taylor and Francis, 2018-10-10)
      Book review of Working together for children: a critical introduction to multi-agency working, Gary Walker, Continuum, 2008, 9780826498175
    • Decrypting cultural nuances: using drama techniques from the theatre of the oppressed to strengthen cross cultural communication in social work students

      Burroughs, Lana; Muzuva, Bethel; University of Bedfordshire; Waterlily & Co. (Taylor and Francis, 2019-03-25)
      Despite widening participation in social work education in the UK, social work students from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds can find that they have less positive experiences on social work courses than their counterparts. This can happen when courses do not equip students to navigate the subtle rules of communication with service users that are premised on dominant UK values. As a consequence BME students can be assessed as having poor interpersonal skills and poor skills in engaging service users. However, the issue is often more one of cultural differences and high expectations of cultural integration than one of incompetence.
    • Nephroblastoma analysis in MRI images

      Kaba, Djibril; McFarlane, Nigel J.B.; Dong, Feng; Graf, Norbert; Ye, Xujiong; University of Bedfordshire; Saarland University Hospital; University of Lincoln (International Society for Stereology, 2019-12-31)
      The annotation of the tumour from medical scans is a crucial step in nephroblastoma treatment. Therefore, an accurate and reliable segmentation method is needed to facilitate the evaluation and the treatments of the tumour. The proposed method serves this purpose by performing the segmentation of nephroblastoma in MRI scans. The segmentation is performed by adapting and a 2D free hand drawing tool to select a region of interest in the scan slices. Results from 24 patients show a mean root-mean-square error of 0.0481 ± 0.0309, an average Dice coefficient of 0.9060 ± 0.0549 and an average accuracy of 99.59% ± 0.0039. Thus the proposed method demonstrated an effective agreement with manual annotations.