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dc.contributor.authorGuppy, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorAdams-Guppy, Julie Rachelen
dc.identifier.citationAdams-Guppy JR, Guppy A (2021) 'Evaluation of an collision-involved driver improvement scheme', Safer Communities, (), pp.-.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to compare driver knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (in terms of hazard, risk, accident, offence detection and driving skill perceptions) and self-reported driving style in a sample of 461 drivers before and after attending a UK Driver Improvement Scheme for culpable collision-involved drivers, in order to inform future directions in the design of driver retraining programmes. Participants were a sample of 461 drivers attending a UK 1.5 day Driver Improvement Scheme course for culpable collision-involved drivers. The course contained classroom-based training and a practical driving component. Participants completed a Driver Improvement Scheme Questionnaire (DISQ) before and immediately after attending the 1.5 day course, and again 3 months later. Results indicated significant pre and post course effects in terms of increased driving safety with respect to driving knowledge, perceptions of control, perceived likelihood of accident-involvement, hazard perception and reported risk-taking. Key positive effects of reduced risk-taking and nearmisses persisted three months after course completion. One limitation of this study is that at the 3-month follow-up there was a reduction in the response rate (44.69%) which included significantly fewer young drivers. Results indicate positive behavioural, perceptual and behavioural changes, along with specific age, gender and driving experience effects which have implications for the design of future driving courses. This study has implications for community safety through enhanced road safety training measures. The analysis of age, gender and driving experience effects of the impact of this Driver Improvement Scheme will allow targeted training methods for specific groups of drivers.en_US
dc.rightsGreen - can archive pre-print and post-print or publisher's version/PDF
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjectdriver trainingen_US
dc.subjecthazard perceptionen_US
dc.subjectdriving styleen_US
dc.subjectdriving knowledgeen_US
dc.subjectperceived controlen_US
dc.titleEvaluation of an collision-involved driver improvement schemeen_US
dc.identifier.journalSafer Communitiesen_US
dc.description.notezero embargo once published - amend when pub date known

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