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dc.contributor.authorLi, Ruiqian
dc.contributor.authorRamanathan, Ramakrishnan
dc.identifier.citationLi R, Ramanathan R (2020) 'Can environmental investments benefit environmental performance? the moderating roles of institutional environment and foreign direct investment', Business Strategy and the Environment, 29 (8), pp.3385-3398.en_US
dc.description.abstractContribution of environmental investments (EI) to environmental performance (EP) is a lively topic for environmental researchers across the world. In spite of huge amount of research, there is still lack of clarity on the moderating factors that affect the role played by EI. In this study, we distinguish EI into pollution control investments (PCI) and pollution prevention investments (PPI). We further investigate whether institutional environment and foreign direct investment (FDI) can play their moderating effects both on the relationship between EI and EP and on the relationships between different types of investments and EP or not. The results indicate that EI has a positive effect on EP. More specifically, PPI plays a stronger positive role in EP, but PCI does not have a significant effect on EP. In addition, both institutional environment and FDI can strengthen the positive impact of EI on EP. The increase of EI in regions with better institutional environment or high FDI can lead to greater improvement in EP. These moderating effects of institutional environment and FDI are also confirmed on the link between PPI and EP. In summary, our results reinforce the existing views that EI, and specifically PPI, can improve EP, but further contribute to the understanding of the positive moderating roles played by the institutional environment and FDI on the link between EI and EP.en_US
dc.publisherJohn Wiley & Sons Ltden_US
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dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjectforeign direct investmenten_US
dc.subjectinstitutional theoryen_US
dc.subjectenvironmental performanceen_US
dc.subjectenvironmental management practicesen_US
dc.subjectSubject Categories::N290 Management studies not elsewhere classifieden_US
dc.titleCan environmental investments benefit environmental performance? the moderating roles of institutional environment and foreign direct investmenten_US
dc.identifier.journalBusiness Strategy and the Environmenten_US
dc.description.note24m embargo from publication date

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