• Mediating identity: the West African diaspora, conflict and communication.

      Silverman, Jon (Intellect, 2018-06-04)
      Migration has created many existential problems for societies and individuals, not least amongst them, questions of identity. Over time, migrants settle and form a diaspora in a new land but does their dislocation from that geographical space they once called ‘home’ inevitably erode or subvert their sense of self ? Can representation through the diasporic media mitigate this loss and perhaps offer the exile an enhanced vision of their country of origin as well as a bridge to their new home ? The African Union considers the diaspora the sixth region of Africa and the news media helps foster amongst exiles an ‘imagined diaspora’ (Anderson), connecting them to their country of origin. Increasingly in the social media age, this ‘diaspora of the Internet’ (Tettey) can be seen at work, often acting as a mirror for division and disharmony in the country of origin. Taking a case study approach of three countries in West Africa and interpreting conflict in its broadest senses, this article seeks to examine the ways in which the news-related media of the West African diaspora has influenced understandings of identity.