• Book review: The Muslim brotherhood and the west. A history of enmity and engagement

      Mellor, Noha; University of Bedfordshire (Taylor & Francis, 2019-03-27)
      Review of The Muslim brotherhood and the west. A history of enmity and engagement, by Martyn Frampton, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 2018, 661pp., £25.95 (hardcover), ISBN: 9780674970700
    • Islamizing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: the case of the Muslim Brotherhood

      Mellor, Noha; University of Bedfordshire (Taylor and Francis, 2017-09-06)
      The Arab capitulation in the Six Day War was posited to stimulate the so-called Islamic resurgence in the region since the 1970s, which several scholars see as a sign of Islamic resistance to the Western cultural presence within the Arab world. This article argues that Islamizing the conflict began well before the 1967 defeat, and that the hegemony of the Islamist discourse has been made possible owing to its penetration into mainstream political and media discourses. It is also argued that by ‘religionizing’ the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, Islamists provide a new narrative to reshape and reframe the perception of this conflict as being religious rather than political in nature. The article takes the Muslim Brotherhood as a topical case study, demonstrating how its print and digital media highlighted the Islamization of the conflict with Israel and providing frequent references to the 1967 defeat as evidence of God’s wrath meted out on Arab rulers, not only for abandoning the Islamic State project, but also for oppressing Islamist movements.