• A Critique of The Uganda Mental Health Treatment Act, 1964

      Nyombi, Chrispas; Kibandama, Alexander; Kaddu, Ronald; University of Essex; High Court of the Republic of Uganda (University of Memphis, 2014)
      The scarcity of research into the deplorable state of Uganda’s mental health laws is a grave lacuna that needs urgent redress. Firm in mind that academic scholarship is a collaborative enterprise with deep roots in constructive criticism, this paper aims to fill this gap. This paper provides a circumspect examination of mental health laws in Uganda. The paper reviews the Mental Health Treatment Act 1964 and highlights the main areas that need reform. It keeps the jurisprudential analysis of applicable international treaties and conventions such as the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities to a minimum. This paper will inform legal, academic and healthcare circles on the current state of mental health law in Uganda.