• Is there a relationship between frailty indices and balance assessment in older people?

      Chkeir, Aly; Safieddine, Doha; Chehade, F.; Duchêne, Jacques; Hewson, David; Bera, Delphine; Collart, Michèle; Novella, Jean-Luc; Drame, M. (IEEE, 2016-11-21)
      Grip-strength, walking speed and weight-loss are key measurements in the evaluation of frailty. According to L. Fried, these quantities are compared with thresholds, leading to associated frailty indices that would afterwards be combined to establish an overall decision. One of the consequences of frailty is an increasing risk of falls, which are a major cause of death of older people. The purpose of this study is to examine the possible relationships that could exist between grip-strength, walking speed, weight-loss and other parameters extracted from balance quality assessment for older subjects. The study shows that a relationship does exist between the balance quality parameters and the frailty indices.