• Faculty development: learning from the student whilst developing the higher order thinking skills of right-to-try adult learners within the higher education setting: a self-directed reflective process

      Beckwith, Mary A.R.; Beckwith, Philip; University of Bedfordshire (Chinese American Scholars Association, 2015-01-01)
      Two members of the Operating Department Practice (ODP) lecturing team were surprised to receive poor National Student Survey results surrounding student assessment feedback despite positive remarks from the external examiners. A studentcentred intervention was sought that would encourage meaningful engagement with their assessment feedback by employing self-directed and reflective learning that would aid in the development of the higher-order thinking so vitally needed in the students’ pursuit of providing quality perioperative patient care. A learning activity involving positive reinforcement of the feedback through the use of the Reflectionfor-Learning model (Beckwith & Beckwith, 2008) was created. This intervention asks students to engage in this Reflection-for-Learning process and articulate their personal action plan based upon their assessment feedback. This method has led to improvements in learner engagement with the assessment feedback and a 100% overall satisfaction rating from the students in a subsequent National Student Survey. An unexpected development has been the movement toward a mutually supportive relationship between lecturers and students as students transform into empowered learners willing to shape their own learning experiences.