• What's the worry with diabetes? : learning from the experiences of White European and South Asian people with a new diagnosis of diabetes

      Wilkinson, Emma; Randhawa, Gurch; Singh, Maninder; University of Bedfordshire (Elsevier Ltd, 2014-09-01)
      AIMS: An exploration of diabetes diagnosis from the patient perspective is important for understanding inequalities in access and developing quality care through the diabetes care pathway. METHODS: South Asian and White European patients over 16 years with a recent (<1 year) diagnosis of diabetes were recruited from 18 GP practices in three UK locations--Luton, West London and Leicester. A semi-structured qualitative interview was conducted with 47 patients, 28 South Asian and 19 White European. Interview transcripts were analysed thematically and comparisons made between the White and South Asian groups. RESULTS: People expressed a range of emotions at diagnosis. Although many participants were familiar with diabetes through family and friends and were undergoing monitoring for comorbidities, they were surprised and upset to be diagnosed. In contrast, a small number reported how they did not worry about their diabetes diagnosis and others highlighted the different public perceptions, which exist about the seriousness of diabetes in relation to a diagnosis of cancer. CONCLUSIONS: Attitudes to diagnosis of diabetes varied on an individual basis and not directly by ethnicity. Practitioners need to be adaptable to work with individuals in order to facilitate access and support diverse populations.