• IFITM proteins drive type 2 T helper cell differentiation and exacerbate allergic airway inflammation

      Yánez, Diana C.; Sahni, Hemant; Ross, Susan; Solanki, Anisha; Lau, Ching-In; Papaioannou, Eleftheria; Barbarulo, Alessandro; Powell, Rebecca; Lange, Ulrike C.; Adams, David J.; et al. (Wiley, 2018-10-26)
      T cells differentiated more efficiently to Th1, whereas Th2 differentiation was inhibited. Ifitm-family-deficient mice, but not Ifitm3-deficient mice, were less susceptible than WT to induction of allergic airways disease, with a weaker Th2 response and less severe disease and lower Il4 but higher Ifng expression and IL-27 secretion. Thus, the Ifitm family is important in adaptive immunity, influencing Th1/Th2 polarization, and Th2 immunopathology.