• Exploring the use of video-conferencing technology in the assessment of spoken language: a mixed-methods study

      Nakatsuhara, Fumiyo; Inoue, Chihiro; Berry, Vivien; Galaczi, Evelina D.; University of Bedfordshire; British Council; Cambridge English Language Assessment (Taylor & Francis, 2017-02-10)
      This research explores how internet-based video-conferencing technology can be used to deliver and conduct a speaking test, and what similarities and differences can be discerned between the standard and computer-mediated face-to-face modes. The context of the study is a high-stakes speaking test, and the motivation for the research is the need for test providers to keep under constant review the extent to which their tests are accessible and fair to a wide constituency of test takers. The study examines test-takers’ scores and linguistic output, and examiners’ test administration and rating behaviors across the two modes. A convergent parallel mixed-methods research design was used, analyzing test-takers’ scores and language functions elicited, examiners’ written comments, feedback questionnaires and verbal reports, as well as observation notes taken by researchers. While the two delivery modes generated similar test score outcomes, some differences were observed in test-takers’ functional output and the behavior of examiners who served as both raters and interlocutors.
    • Exploring the use of video-conferencing technology to deliver the IELTS Speaking Test: Phase 3 technical trial

      Berry, Vivien; Nakatsuhara, Fumiyo; Inoue, Chihiro; Galaczi, Evelina D.; IELTS (IELTS Partners: British Council, Cambridge Assessment English and IDP: IELTS Australia, 2018-01-01)
      This report presents Phase 3 of the study which was carried out with test-takers in five cities in Latin America. This phase focused only on the video-conferencing mode of delivery of the IELTS Speaking test. The primary aims were to: trial a new platform to deliver video-conferencing tests across different locations; and further investigate the scoring validity of the video-conferencing test.