• Cellular shear adhesion force measurement and simultaneous imaging by atomic force microscope

      Hou, Yu; Wang, Zuobin; Li, Dayou; Qiu, Renxi; Li, Yan; Jiang, Jinlan; Changchun University of Science and Technology; Chinses Academy of Sciences; University of Bedfordshire; Jilin University (Springer, 2017-01-06)
      This paper presents a sensitive and fast cellular shear adhesion force measurement method using an atomic force microscope (AFM). In the work, the AFM was used both as a tool for the imaging of cells on the nano-scale and as a force sensor for the measurement of the shear adhesion force between the cell and the substrate. After the cell imaging, the measurement of cellular shear adhesion forces was made based on the different positions of the cell on the nano-scale. Moreover, different pushing speeds of probe and various locations of cells were used in experiments to study their influences. In this study, the measurement of the cell adhesion in the upper portion of the cell is different from that in the lower portion. It may reveal that the cancer cells have the metastasis tendency after cultured for 16 to 20 hours, which is significant for preventing metastasis in the patients diagnosed with early cancer lesions. Furthermore, the cellular shear adhesion forces of two types of living cancer cells were obtained based on the measurements of AFM cantilever deflections in the torsional and vertical directions. The results demonstrate that the shear adhesion force of cancer cells is twice as much as the same type of cancer cells with TRAIL. The method can also provide a way for the measurement of the cellular shear adhesion force between the cell and the substrate, and for the simultaneous exploration of cells using the AFM imaging and manipulation