• Assessing the appropriate grassroots technological innovation for sustainable development

      Singh, Sonal H.; Maiyar, Lohithaksha M.; Bhowmick, Bhaskar (Routledge, 2019-07-28)
      Grassroots technological innovation (GRTI) is perceived as a source of sustainable development while addressing local problems and needs of people belonging to the bottom of the economic pyramid. The fostering of sustainable development develops a need for scientific evaluation and subsequent diffusion of GRTI to ameliorate the livelihood of grassroots communities. It is, hence, the purpose of this research to assess the relative performance of different GRTIs with respect to economic, social, and environmental benefits. The empirical data for this study comprised of 32 GRTIs from the three different rural non-farm sectors in the Indian context. Analytical hierarchy process is used for deducing the relative assessment of the selected GRTI against the aforementioned performance criteria. The findings of this study offer imperative insights into the field of technology diffusion and development at the grassroots level and suggest recommendations for sustainable policy formulation.
    • Corporate strategic change towards sustainability: a dynamic capabilities view

      Wu, Qiang; He, Qile; Duan, Yanqing (Routledge, 2017-08-01)