• Understanding current research on the use and impact of big data analytics: a systematic literature review

      Duan, Yanqing; Ramanathan, Ramakrishnan; Cao, Guangming; Khilji, Nasrallah (IADIS, 2018-12-31)
      With the increasing applications of Big Data Analytics, it is imperative for researchers to keep abreast with the rapid development and emerging research challenges in this field. Therefore, the research reported in this work in progress paper aims to update our knowledge and understanding of the state of the art research on the applications of Big Data Analytics by conducting a comprehensive and systematic review of the recent publications. The literature review is mainly focusing on the emerging new concepts and definitions, theories, research models, research methodologies, critical success factors, and impact on business performance. It is expected that the insights gained through this comprehensive review will contribute to our knowledge on the current status of Big Data Analytics research and associated emerging research challenges and opportunities. Due to the increased interests in Big Data Analytics, the critical analysis of emerging literature will identify the research gaps that provides valuable direction for future studies.