• Employee voice in the SME context

      Sameer, Muhammad; Özbilgin, Mustafa F. (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2014-04-25)
      In this chapter, we show that employee voice in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is largely absent in academic studies, representing a missing link in the theorization of employee voice. We present a general overview on important contemporary debates in the employee voice literature and locate it in industrial relations and human resource management literatures. Finally, we explore how employee voice in SMEs can be studied. We offer a number of suggestions for the academic and practitioner use of employee voice in the SME sector.
    • Privatisation, investments and human resources in foreign firms operating in the Middle East

      Al-Husan, Faten Z. Baddar; ALHussan, Fawaz (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2016-11-25)