• Towards a family justice outcomes framework: a working paper

      Munro, Emily; Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre (Loughborough University, 2014-07-01)
      The Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre was commissioned to undertake a small-scale feasibility study to explore approaches to developing a more robust child outcomes framework for the family justice system (in both public and private law). This involved a preliminary mapping exercise to identify: the numbers of children involved in key processes; explore what data one would ideal want to collect and compare this with what is currently collected and/or published. Guided conversations with nine experts, including members of the FJB, academics, policy makers from the Department for Education and Ministry of Justice and CAFCASS young people’s board were also conducted, to ascertain their views on what an ideal family justice framework could look like. In addition, an expert advisory group have offered feedback on a preliminary output. The paper offers some initial suggestions on potential ways forward which require further debate and refinement based upon feedback from the judiciary, lawyers and socio-legal and social work academics and practitioners.