• Community-based child protection with Palestinian refugees in South Lebanon: engendering hope and safety

      O'Leary, Patrick J.; Hutchinson, Aisha; Squire, Jason (SAGE, 2015-08-29)
      Engendering hope with refugee children is an important role of those working in child protection. This article reports on one part of an evaluation of a community-based child protection project working with Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon. Validated tools were used to measure levels of hope in 222 children and young people before and after social work intervention. Results were compared to a smaller group of similar children who received no intervention. Children who received social work intervention were shown to have significant improvement in hope. Results highlight the need for early intervention and in some cases intensive contact.
    • Young mothers in Islamic contexts: implications for social work and social development

      Hutchinson, Aisha; O'Leary, Patrick J. (SAGE, 2016-04-30)
      Social work has a particular responsibility to develop culturally and religiously appropriate practice. Early childbearing occurs in many Muslim families and can be a sensitive issue because it is often shaped by local religious teachings. Early childbearing is associated with health and social vulnerabilities. Social work has an important role to partner with local religious leaders to support this vulnerable population. There are Islamic teachings that promote the care of pregnant mothers and babies. Many of these teachings are not well understood or applied when working with Muslim communities. Implications for social work research and practice are examined.