• From victimhood to sisterhood part II – exploring the possibilities of transformation and solidarity in qualitative research

      Salter, Leah Karen (Routledge, 2017-02-15)
      This paper will build on ‘From Victimhood to Sisterhood’, previously published in this journal; to answer some of the questions posed to and by the author relating to the complexities of being a practice-based/insider researcher. The paper provides a context to the inter-related practices of the author as a psychotherapist, a group facilitator and a doctoral researcher; with particular reference to her work (as both a practitioner and researcher) with women who have been sexually abused. The (potentially isolating) context of practising in an island community alongside stories of connection is offered within a frame of ‘solidarity’. Developing ideas from the first paper, which as a reflective piece, featured a first person, auto-ethnographic account of the author’s practice, this paper positions itself more firmly as aligned with research as social action.
    • From victimhood to sisterhood – a practice-based reflexive inquiry into narrative informed group work with women who have experienced sexual abuse

      Salter, Leah Karen (Routledge, 2015-11-09)
      This paper will present some of the relational contexts and considerations of a female therapist’s role within an island community group for women who have shared experiences of abuse and injustice; her relationship to the group, to her systemic and narrative practices; and to the research that has ensued. Exploring the changing relational contexts as the group moves from a facilitator led to a peer support group; and the associated language shifts from a binary discourse of ‘other than’ to a collective definition of ‘sisterhood’ is part of the story, which also includes the important themes of community engagement, social action and the complexities of insider/practice-based research.