• An evaluation of Independent Child Trafficking Guardians – early adopter sites

      Kohli, Ravi K.S.; Connolly, Helen; Stott, Hannah; Roe, Stephen; Prince, Stuart; Long, James; Gordon-Ramsey, Samuel (Home Office, 2019-07-23)
      This evaluation, conducted by the Home Office and the University of Bedfordshire has assessed the ICTG service in the three original early adopter sites (Greater Manchester, Hampshire, and Wales). The evaluation, conducted across a two-year period from February 2017 – January 2019, considers the original model for the ICTG service which provided one-to-one ICTG support for all children. The overall aim of the evaluation is to answer the question: What is the ‘added value’ of the ICTG service, and is this different for different groups of children and in different early adopter sites?