• The role of police in responding to child and adult vulnerability: a meta-analysis of 126 reviews of death and serious harm

      Allnock, Debra; Dawson, J.; Rawden, H.; The Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme, 2020-08-01)
      This report presents key findings from research into the police role in serious cases of significant harm and death, carried out by the Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP). The research aimed to understand the ways in which police, as a statutory partner, feature in reviews of serious cases of significant harm or death in children and adults; key gaps in police practice; and to understand the cumulative learning for police across different review types, involving a range of vulnerabilities. Reviews of serious cases tend to be examined as separate and distinct sources of learning. However, there is potential for considerable cross-over among reviews which can maximise the learning. This inclusive approach has allowed for the consideration of practice that might be common across reviews, but play out differently within the contexts of responses to adults versus children, or in relation to different vulnerabilities, for example.