• Creating dialogical pop-up installations in public spaces

      Simon, Gail; Kebbe, Lisen; Olsson, Ann-Margreth E.; Vedeler, Anne Hedvig Helmer (Everything is Connected Press, 2017-10-22)
      In this paper, we share reflections from our research into spontaneous coordinations through the creation of pop-up dialogical installations. We offer a collage of anecdotes from our professional practice, from our personal lives and from dialogical installations. These episodes highlight themes from our everyday practice and show us what we do and what we value, but through new doorways. From our work on the streets, we see how i) making something with, and for, people requires daring; ii) we are always involved in reconfiguring dialogical space as we go; iii) we exchange planning for preparation; iv) dialogue is always influenced by, and influencing of, context; v) collage in writing and mixed media allows us to experiment with new configurations of words, and share some mo(ve)ments from the installations.