• Exploring the relationship between neglect and adult-perpetrated intra-familial child sexual abuse

      Allnock, Debra; NSPCC and Research in Practice (NSPCC and Research in Practice, 2016-11-04)
      This report is the second of three linked evidence scopes commissioned by Action for Children and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) with Research in Practice. It aims to explore the relationship between neglect and intra-familial child sexual abuse (IFCSA) by addressing three issues: * Do neglect and intra-familial child sexual abuse co-occur, and if so, to what extent? * How might features, types and impacts of neglect increase the vulnerability of children and young people to perpetrators' methods of targeting, grooming, abusing and silencing children in the family environment? * How might IFCSA contribute to neglect? The author notes that despite neglect being the most commonly reported form of maltreatment, research on CSA is far more prevalent than on neglect. She observes that although research in this field has its limitations, enough information is available to analyse how neglect may increase a child’s vulnerability to IFCSA, and how IFCSA might contribute to increased risk of neglect. In conclusion, she makes recommendations for conducting future research in this area and for safeguarding potential victims of IFCSA.