• Towards a contextual response to peer-on-peer abuse : research and resources from MsUnderstood local site work 2013-2016

      Firmin, Carlene Emma; Curtis, George; Fritz, Danielle; Olaitan, Paul; Latchford, Lia; Lloyd, Jenny; Larasi, Ikamara; University of Bedfordshire; MsUnderstood; Imkaan (University of Bedfordshire, 2016-09-01)
      In 2013 the University of Bedfordshire, Imkaan and the Girls against Gangs Project formed the MsUnderstood Partnership (MSU) to support the development of responses to peer-on-peer abuse specifically, and young people’s experiences of inequality, more broadly. The partnership sought to bring academic rigour, partnerships with practitioners and young people’s voices to the fore of the debate, and generate practice-based evidence to support the development of responses that engaged with young people’s lived realities of violence and abuse. We achieved this through: • A programme of work with local multi-agency partnerships to audit and develop their responses to peer-on-peer abuse (Local Site Work) • A paid internship and young people’s engagement programme • Engagement in policy consultation and influencing • The dissemination of research, practice learning and young people’s voice This report chronicles the findings and resources generated by MSU over the past three years, with specific reference to the tools and knowledge created alongside professionals through local site work.