• Improving adhesion between nanoparticles and surface of mica substrate by aminosilane modification

      Yin, Yaoting; Xu, Hongmei; Wang, Ying; Liu, Ziyu; Zhang, Sheng; Weng, Zhankun; Song, Zhengxun; Wang, Zuobin (Springer, 2019-11-09)
      In the manipulation of nanoparticles for precise placement, the relatively low adhesion of the nanoparticles to the substrate surface has emerged as a problem. Owing to the fact that nanoparticles manipulated using atomic force microscopy (AFM) often cannot be accurately placed at their predetermined destinations or may even go astray, becoming “lost,” the success rate of manipulation attempts is low. We investigated the possibility of enhancing the adhesion between magnetic nanoparticles and a substrate surface by modifying a mica substrate with a solution of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES). The morphology of the mica surface before and after modification was analyzed, and the adhesive force was calculated by using AFM in contact mode. The effect of different APTES-solution concentrations on the adhesive force was analyzed as well. The results demonstrate that the adhesion of the nanoparticles to the modified substrate was substantially stronger than their adhesion to an unmodified surface, a finding that can be used to improve the success rate of nanoparticle manipulation.