• Advanced internet of things for personalised healthcare systems: a survey

      Qi, Jun; Yang, Po; Min, Geyong; Amft, Oliver; Dong, Feng; Xu, Lida; Liverpool John Moores University; University of Exeter; University of Passau; University of Bedfordshire; et al. (Elsevier, 2017-07-21)
      As a new revolution of the Internet, Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining ground as a new research topic in many academic and industrial disciplines, especially in healthcare. Remarkably, due to the rapid proliferation of wearable devices and smartphone, the Internet of Things enabled technology is evolving healthcare from conventional hub based system to more personalised healthcare systems (PHS). However, empowering the utility of advanced IoT technology in PHS is still significantly challenging in the area considering many issues, like shortage of cost-effective and accurate smart medical sensors, unstandardised IoT system architectures, heterogeneity of connected wearable devices, multi-dimensionality of data generated and high demand for interoperability. In an effect to understand advance of IoT technologies in PHS, this paper will give a systematic review on advanced IoT enabled PHS. It will review the current research of IoT enabled PHS, and key enabling technologies, major IoT enabled applications and successful case studies in healthcare, and finally point out future research trends and challenges.