• Multiphase interface tracking with fast semi-Lagrangian contouring

      Li, Xiaosheng; He, Xiaowei; Liu, Xuehui; Zhang, Jian J.; Liu, Baoquan; Wu, Enhua; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Bournemouth University; University of Bedfordshire (IEEE Computer Society, 2015-09-03)
      We propose a semi-Lagrangian method for multiphase interface tracking. In contrast to previous methods, our method maintains an explicit polygonal mesh, which is reconstructed from an unsigned distance function and an indicator function, to track the interface of arbitrary number of phases. The surface mesh is reconstructed at each step using an efficient multiphase polygonization procedure with precomputed stencils while the distance and indicator function are updated with an accurate semi-Lagrangian path tracing from the meshes of the last step. Furthermore, we provide an adaptive data structure, multiphase distance tree, to accelerate the updating of both the distance function and the indicator function. In addition, the adaptive structure also enables us to contour the distance tree accurately with simple bisection techniques. The major advantage of our method is that it can easily handle topological changes without ambiguities and preserve both the sharp features and the volume well. We will evaluate its efficiency, accuracy and robustness in the results part with several examples.