• A low profile antenna for millimeter-wave body-centric applications

      Ur-Rehman, Masood; Malik, Nabeel A.; Yang, Xiaodong; Abbasi, Qammer Hussain; Zhang, Zhiya; Zhao, Nan; University of Bedfordshire; Xidian University; University of Glasgow (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017-05-03)
      Millimeter-Wave (mm-Wave) frequencies are a front runner contender for the next generation body-centric wireless communications. In this paper, the design of a very low-profile antenna is presented for body-centric applications operating in the mm-Wave frequency band centered at 60 GHz. The antenna has an overall size of 14 × 10.5 × 1.15 mm3 and is printed on a flexible printed circuit board. The performance of the antenna is evaluated in off-body, on-body, and body-to-body communication scenarios using a realistic numerical phantom and verified through measurements. The antenna has a bandwidth of 9.8 GHz and offers a gain of 10.6 dBi in off-body (free space) configuration, while 12.1 dBi in on-body configuration. It also achieves an efficiency of 74% in off-body and 63% in on-body scenario. The small and flexible structure of the antenna along with excellent impedance matching, broad bandwidth, high gain, and good efficiency makes it a suitable candidate to attain simultaneous data transmission/reception at mm-Wave frequencies for the 5G body-centric applications.