• Benefits, barriers and guideline recommendations for the implementation of serious games in education for stakeholders and policymakers

      Tsekleves, Emmanuel; Cosmas, John; Aggoun, Amar (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2014-10-24)
      Serious games and game-based learning have received increased attention in recent years as an adjunct to teaching and learning material. This has been well echoed in the literature with numerous articles on the use of games and game theory in education. Despite this, no policy for the incorporation of serious games in education exists to date. This review paper draws from the literature to provide guideline recommendations that would help educators and policymakers in making the first step towards this.
    • A linked dataset of medical educational resources

      Dietze, Stefan; Taibi, Davide; Yu, Hong Qing; Dovrolis, Nikolas (British Educational Research Association, 2015-04-06)
      Reusable educational resources became increasingly important for enhancing learning and teaching experiences, particularly in the medical domain where resources are particularly expensive to produce. While interoperability across educational resources metadata repositories is yet limited to the heterogeneity of metadata standards and interface mechanisms with a lack of shared or aligned controlled vocabularies, Linked Data (LD) principles, based on W3C standards and supported through a wide range of tools, open up opportunities to alleviate such problems. We introduce the “mEducator Linked Educational Resources” dataset, which offers a range of open educational resources for the medical domain, exposed through LD principles. Data have been generated through a combination of manual curation and semi‐automated harvesting techniques, and state‐of‐the‐art enrichment and clustering techniques were deployed in order to classify and categorize data, toward improved reusability and access. Data are currently used by a range of educational applications and is accessible for third parties and developers, for instance through the LinkedUp Catalog and other registries, to facilitate further take‐up and applications.