• Printed quadrifilar helix antenna with enhanced bandwidth

      Zhang, Zhiya; Yang, Long; Zuo, Shaoli; Ur-Rehman, Masood; Fu, Guang; Zhou, Chuangzhu; Xidian University; University of Bedfordshire; ZTE Corporation R&D Center (Xi'an) (IEEE, 2017-04-24)
      A circular polarised printed quadrifilar helix antenna with enhanced bandwidth is proposed in this study. The helix antenna offers a very compact size and comprises of four arms with varying width, four open stubs, a feeding network and a metal ground plane. The different widths of the helix arms are employed to improve the impedance bandwidth while their varying pitches generate a cardioid radiation pattern. The antenna exhibits a voltage standing wave ratio ≤ 2 in the frequency range of 1.43-1.63 GHz offering impedance bandwidth of 12%. Good radiation characteristics with high gain, a wide 3 dB axial ratio beamwidth of 180° along with small size makes this antenna an excellent candidate for satellite communications and navigation systems.