• A survey on MAC protocols for complex self-organizing cognitive radio networks

      Shah, Munam Ali; Zhang, Sijing; Kamran, Muhammad; Javaid, Qaisar; Fatima, Bahjat; COMSATS Institute of Information Technology; University of Bedfordshire; University of Sindh; International Islamic University (SpringerOpen, 2016-08-18)
      Complex self-organizing cognitive radio (CR) networks serve as a framework for accessing the spectrum allocation dynamically where the vacant channels can be used by CR nodes opportunistically. CR devices must be capable of exploiting spectrum opportunities and exchanging control information over a control channel. Moreover, CR nodes should intelligently coordinate their access between different cognitive radios to avoid collisions on the available spectrum channels and to vacate the channel for the licensed user in timely manner. Since inception of CR technology, several MAC protocols have been designed and developed. This paper surveys the state of the art on tools, technologies and taxonomy of complex self-organizing CR networks. A detailed analysis on CR MAC protocols form part of this paper. We group existing approaches for development of CR MAC protocols and classify them into different categories and provide performance analysis and comparison of different protocols. With our categorization, an easy and concise view of underlying models for development of a CR MAC protocol is provided.