• Evaluation of autoparallelization toolkits for commodity GPUs

      Williams, David; Codreanu, Valeriu; Yang, Po; Liu, Baoquan; Dong, Feng; Yasar, Burhan; Mahdian, Babak; Chiarini, Alessandro; Zhao, Xia; Roerdink, Jos B.T.M.; et al. (Springer Verlag, 2014-12-31)
      In this paper we evaluate the performance of the OpenACC and Mint toolkits against C and CUDA implementations of the standard PolyBench test suite. Our analysis reveals that performance is similar in many cases, but that a certain set of code constructs impede the ability of Mint to generate optimal code. We then present some small improvements which we integrate into our own GPSME toolkit (which is derived from Mint) and show that our toolkit now out-performs OpenACC in the majority of tests.