• Scalable DB+IR technology: processing Probabilistic Datalog with HySpirit

      Frommholz, Ingo; Roelleke, Thomas; University of Bedfordshire; Queen Mary, University of London (Springer Verlag, 2016-01-26)
      Probabilistic Datalog (PDatalog, proposed in 1995) is a probabilistic variant of Datalog and a nice conceptual idea to model Information Retrieval in a logical, rule-based programming paradigm. Making PDatalog work in real-world applications requires more than probabilistic facts and rules, and the semantics associated with the evaluation of the programs. We report in this paper some of the key features of the HySpirit system required to scale the execution of PDatalog programs. Firstly, there is the requirement to express probability estimation in PDatalog. Secondly, fuzzy-like predicates are required to model vague predicates (e.g. vague match of attributes such as age or price). Thirdly, to handle large data sets there are scalability issues to be addressed, and therefore, HySpirit provides probabilistic relational indexes and parallel and distributed processing. The main contribution of this paper is a consolidated view on the methods of the HySpirit system to make PDatalog applicable in real-scale applications that involve a wide range of requirements typical for data (information) management and analysis.