• An approach to locating delayed activities in software processes

      Jin, Yun-Zhi; Zhou, Hua; Yang, Hong-Ji; Zhang, Sijing; Ge, Ji-Dong; Yunnan University; Key Laboratory for Software Engineering of Yunnan Province; Research Center of Cloud Computing of Yunnan Province; Bath Spa University; University of Bedfordshire; et al. (Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017-09-21)
      Activity is now playing a vital role in software processes. To ensure the high-level efficiency of software processes, a key point is to locate those activities that own bigger resource occupation probabilities with respect to average execution time, called delayed activities, and then improve them. To this end, we firstly propose an approach to locating delayed activities in software processes. Furthermore, we present a case study, which exhibits the high-level efficiency of the approach, to concretely illustrate this new solution. Some beneficial analysis and reasonable modification are developed in the end.
    • Conceivable security risks and authentication techniques for smart devices

      Muzammal, Syeda Mariam; Shah, Munam Ali; Zhang, Sijing; Yang, Hongji; COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan; University of Bedfordshire; Bath Spa University (Springer, 2016-06-29)
      With the rapidly escalating use of smart devices and fraudulent transaction of users’ data from their devices, efficient and reliable techniques for authentication of the smart devices have become an obligatory issue. This paper reviews the security risks for mobile devices and studies several authentication techniques available for smart devices. The results from field studies enable a comparative evaluation of user-preferred authentication mechanisms and their opinions about reliability, biometric authentication and visual authentication techniques.