• Te Kotahitanga : towards effective education reform for indigenous and other minoritised students

      Bishop, Russell; Berryman, Mere; Wearmouth, Janice (NZCER Press, 2014-06-18)
      The persistence of educational disparities that adversely affect indigenous and other minoritised students continues to be a major problem facing many nations. Principles of social justice and political imperatives at national level to address the detrimental impact of economically disengaged proportions of the population make this an issue that policy makers and educators in general should be aware of and look for ways to overcome. This book focuses on 'Te Kotahitanga', a theory-based, school-wide reform that operated in a number of mainstream secondary schools in New Zealand nand that has improved the educational experiences and achievement of Maori students. It began with the implementation of classroom pedagogy that is intended to respond to students' culture and to focus on positive teacher-student relationships. Case studies from three of the schools at Phase 3 in the project take the reader inside this reform that, in these schools, is supported by responsive and distributed leadership.