• Research ethics and participatory research in an interdisciplinary technology-enhanced learning project

      Tracy, Frances; Carmichael, Patrick (Taylor and Francis, 2013-01-01)
      This account identifies some of the tensions that became apparent in a large interdisciplinary technology-enhanced learning project as its members attempted to maintain their commitment to responsive, participatory research and development in naturalistic research settings while also ‘enacting’ these commitments in formal research review processes. It discusses how these review processes were accompanied by a commitment to continuing discussion and elaboration across an extended research team and to a view of ethical practice as an aspect of phronesis or ‘practical wisdom’ which demands understanding of specific situations and reference to prior experience. In this respect the interdisciplinary nature of the project allows the diverse experience of the project team to be brought into play, with ethical issues a joint point of focus for continuing interdisciplinary discourse
    • Secondary qualitative analysis using online resources

      Carmichael, Patrick (Sage, 2016-11-23)
      This chapter explores the secondary analysis of qualitative data, the impact that network technologies have had on this, and the research potential for secondary analysis of data that is accessed across both the public Internet and networks of research archives. Secondary analysis allows not only the reassessment of the approaches and arguments of researchers, it also enables individuals and communities not involved in the original research to engage with data in new ways that reflect emerging perspectives or research strategies, some of which may be further supported and enabled by technological developments.