• E-learning or e-teaching? What's the difference in practice?

      Price, Linda; Kirkwood, Adrian; Kingston University (2005-04-01)
    • How do we measure student learning in higher education? Modelling factors

      Price, Linda; Kingston University (2012-01-01)
      This paper presents a heuristic model of student leaning as a means to understanding the scope of factors to be considered in making predictions about student learning. It is underpinned by a review of a wide body of literature. The model is drawn from Price and Richardson?s 4P model (2004) that considered factors in improving student learning and argues that the same issues apply to predicting student learning outcomes. It builds upon existing research into learning and teaching. It is an articulation and an extension of Dunkin and Biddle?s (1974) model, the Biggs (1985) original Presage-Process-Product model and research by Prosser and Trigwell (1999). The model has four main groups of factors: presage, perceptions, process and product. The presage group contains personological and situational factors such as context. Perceptions include how students conceive learning, how teachers conceive teaching, and the context. The process group of factors incorporates approaches to learning in students and teachers approaches to teaching. The model is presented as a basis for engaging in future research in a holistic manner that may bear further fruit in predicting student learning.
    • How scholarly is our approach to using technology in learning & teaching?

      Price, Linda; Kirkwood, Adrian; Kingston University (2012-01-01)
    • Modeling an institutional approach to developing Technology Enabled Learning : closing the gap between research and practice

      Price, Linda; Casanova, Diogo; Orwell, Suzan; Kingston University (2017-01-01)
      This paper presents our approach to closing the gap between research and practice when delivering technology enabled learning. We illustrate our model that uses research to underpin how we have shaped a whole institutional roll out of our new VLE, Canvas. The model is built around our Learning Design principles based on current research in the field and key institutional priorities. The model addresses how we lever the implementation of our new VLE as a catalyst for changing the institutional pedagogical paradigm. Our experience shows that by adopting such an approach we are able to positively impact on institutional teaching practices and influence policy to support innovative VLE pedagogy.
    • Putting technology in the frame : multiple lenses on evidenced based practice in a university wide roll out

      Price, Linda; Downward, Stuart; Lawrence, David; Avery, Barry; Preston, Anne; Fonseca, Tania Dias; Vyas, Nora; Lock, Nick; Alsop, Graham; Orwell, Suzan; et al. (2017-01-01)
    • Symposium: Supporting effective learning in virtual environments

      Littleton, Karen; Price, Linda; Kyza, Eleni A.; Kingston University (2005-01-01)