• Addressing the challenges and barriers to inclusion in Irish schools : report to Research and Development Committee of the Department of Education and Skills

      Travers, Joseph; Balfe, Tish; Butler, Cathal; Day, Thérèse; Dupont, Maeve; McDaid, Rory; O'Donnell, Margaret; Prunty, Anita (St Patrick’s College, 2010)
      The study addresses the question of how Irish schools seek to overcome the challenges and barriers to inclusion. This necessitated sub questions in relation to identifying the challenges and barriers for the three groups of learners who are the focus of the study and then identifying how schools seek to overcome or mitigate their effects. To address these questions a case study research design was used incorporating multiple methods of data collection across six schools (three primary and three post-primary). Key informants in the Irish education system were relied upon in the selection of schools for the case studies to ensure that the selected schools were endeavouring to operate as inclusively as possible.