• Adolescent-to-parent violence and abuse: abused parents' accounts

      Bell, Rebecca (University of Bedfordshire, 2018-09)
      Adolescent-to-parent violence and abuse (APVA); is an adolescents utilisation of "a pattern of behaviour that uses verbal, financial, physical or emotional means to practice power and exert control over a parent" (Holt, 2013, p. 1). As well as causing psychological damage to the parent and child it is a growing social problem which is largely absent from within both academic and social policy domains (Miles & Condry, 2014). This study sought to contribute to existing literature by examining parents’ accounts of APVA shared within online forums to identify themes of issues of significance to them via a thematic analysis (Braun & Clark, 2006). Data comprised thirty-two archived message ‘posts’ written by twenty-three (71.8%) mothers, four (12.5%) fathers, and five (15.6%) step-fathers describing the abuse that they experienced by their adolescent (93.3% male, 13.3% female). Findings formed three themes; the ‘emotional turmoil’, the ‘need to explain’, and ‘fractured relationships. The themes are discussed in relation to wider literature and recommendations for further study are suggested to address limitations.
    • Writing the wrong: an investigation into incest and transgressive sexuality in the novel 'Clutching shadow'

      McKenna, Lesley Margaret (University of Bedfordshire, 2005-01)
      Writing The Wrong is the accompanying thesis to my novel, Clutching Shadow, and investigates the nature of transgressive sexuality, namely an incestuous relationship between half-siblings Jez and Lex Sinclair. The thesis explores issues within the novel, such as how our childhood might have an effect on our sexual development, and how our sexual past influences our sexual present, and looks to various theoretical works for verification of the outcomes in the novel. The thesis also questions the concept of transgression and taboo; the novel deals with consensual incest as though it is a love story, which throws up the questions: why is incest wrong if it is a consensual relationship? Looking to other literary works shows how other writers have approached this subject. The subject of abuse and control in Clutching Shadow is also explored, and backed up by using theoretical sources on the psychology of child abuse and submissionldomination which shows how the abuse cycle can continue throughout a person's life.