• Designing and optimization of VOIP PBX infrastructure

      Rana, Naveed Younas (University of Bedfordshire, 2013)
      In the recent decade, communication has stirred from the old wired medium such as public switched telephone network (PSTN) to the Internet. Present, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technology used for communication on internet by means of packet switching technique. Several years ago, an internet protocol (IP) based organism was launched, which is known as Private Branch Exchange "PBX", as a substitute of common PSTN systems. For free communication, probably you must have to be pleased with starting of domestic calls. Although, fairly in few cases, VoIP services can considerably condense our periodical phone bills. For instance, if someone makes frequent global phone calls, VoIP talk service is the actual savings treat which cannot achieve by using regular switched phone. VoIP talk services strength help to trim down your phone bills if you deal with a lot of long-distance (international) and as well as domestic phone calls. However, with the VoIP success, threats and challenges also stay behind. In this dissertation, by penetration testing one will know that how to find network vulnerabilities how to attack them to exploit the network for unhealthy activities and also will know about some security techniques to secure a network. And the results will be achieved by penetration testing will indicate of proven of artefact and would be helpful to enhance the level of network security to build a more secure network in future.