• Critical success factors for implementing traceability systems in Chinese food enterprises

      Miao, Meiyin (University of Bedfordshire, 2010-09)
      Food safety has always been the focus of worldwide attention. Chinese government has promulgated a series of initiatives, laws and regulations to implement the traceability systems since 2004. However, the implementation of traceability system (TS) in China faces many challenges which are creating major barriers to the traceability system implementation success. This research aims to identify critical success factors (CSF) for implementing TS in Chinese food enterprises. More specifically, the study attempts to develop a set of criteria of TS implementation success from theoretical and practical point of views and identify and propose a framework of critical success factors for TS implementation success.To achieve the research objectives, this research adopted both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Extensive literature review was conducted to establish initial understanding of TS implementation success and associated critical success factors. Semi-structured interviews were carried out with six managers to establish a set of TS implementation success measures in the context of Chinese food enterprises. Survey questionnaires were designed to identify the critical success factors influencing TS implementation success. Primary data were collected from 124 valid responses in China. Descriptive and factor analysis were conducted using SPSS. According to the survey, the top five critical success factors are: the authenticity of traceability information; perfect food traceability laws; perfect food traceability standards; clear objectives for traceability system implementation; policy guidance for enterprises traceability system implementation from government. The framework has six dimensions of critical success factors including: laws, regulations & standards; government support & guidance; consumer knowledge & support; top management, company-wide & vendor support; efficient management & communication; information quality & system quality. Based on the exploratory factor analysis a CSF framework for implementing TS in Chinese food enterprises was proposed. The outcomes of this research will have great significance for research and management in implementing TS and offering implications for policy makers and other stakeholders in the future.