• Managing change in SMEs : approaching new markets

      Meredith, Neil (University of Bedfordshire, 2010-03)
      This thesis explores the change management process necessary for a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) to approach new markets with new products or services. The study details relevant literature, its objective to identify best practice to enable the development of a framework and "check list" that will guide decision-makers through the considerations and actions necessary for the change activity to take place. The research outputs take the form of a flow chart process map to be used in conjunction with a series of check lists that prompt the end-user to evaluate their goals against current circumstances and potential future activities. A suitable SME is used as a case study, enabling empirical study and serving as a comparator for the primary output of the research. The outputs of the research were externally tested and verified on a scenario application basis. The work is of particular value to the case study company and similar SME owner / managers undertaking a change process, especially when restricted by limited knowledge, time and money. Further, small business consultants and change agents can utilize the outputs to the same ends.