• Oxidant production in exercise: effects of exercise intensity and an environmental stressor on rate of oxidant production

      Mathie, Annabel K. (University of Bedfordshire, 2005-10)
      Oxidant production in exercise was investigated with the aim of determining whether certain exercise intensities could cause increases in post exercise concentrations of urinary free radical markers, when compared to pre-exercise marker concentrations, by use of a simple, easy to repeat study. Subjects exercised at a variety of set percentages of maximum oxygen intake capacity (V02 Max) for 30 minutes, following which urine samples were taken at scheduled time points for up to 24 hours. Samples were analysed for markers of free radical damage to cellular structures. No significant differences in concentrations were found between individual sample time-points in each urinary free radical marker (p=>O.OS). However urinary concentrations of each marker were significantly different (p=