• Chronic probiotic supplementation and its effects on eHsp72 and LPS concentration following a desert-based ultramarathon

      Marshall, Hannah (University of Bedfordshire, 2015-12)
      This study investigated the effect of 12wk probiotic supplementation on the Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and extracellular-heat-shock-protein 72 (eHsp72) response to a 7d ultra-endurance event (249.4km) in extreme heat [(average temperature ~38°C) Marathon des Sables (MDS) 2015]. Thirty-two (6 female) competitors were randomly allocated to receive probiotic, probiotic + glutamine, or no supplementation for 12wk prior to the MDS. Blood samples were collected on two occasions prior to the race [12wk (baseline) and 7d pre-race], and two further occasions post-race (6-8h and 7d post-race). Plasma eHsp72 and LPS concentrations were determined using ELISAs; V O was recorded at baseline and pre-race. A significant increase in overall mean V O was observed from baseline to pre-race (p<0.05), however no difference was found between groups (p>0.05). Overall mean post-race eHsp72 concentration was significantly increased (p<0.05) by 124% from baseline, there was no significant effect of group on eHsp72 concentration at any time point (p>0.05). There was no significant change in LPS concentration from baseline to post-race in all groups (p>0.05), no difference in LPS concentration was observed between groups at any time (p>0.05). This study indicates an ineffective role of PRO and PGLn supplementation on LPS translocation and eHsp72 response to ultramarathon performance in extreme heat.