• Security threats and intrusion detection models in WLAN

      Gambiraopet, Chandra Shekar (University of Bedfordshire, 2009-10)
      In this world of high speed data networks the Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) have steadily come into popularity because of its flexibility, easy to install, cost efficient and most importantly less time consuming (since it does not involve laying of wires like that of the wired networks) when compared to the traditional wired LANs and therefore enterprises and home owners alike are switching to the wireless technology. Though this network solves some of the problems faced by the wired LANs, such as the cost factor, it has its own drawbacks; security being the main issue. Both wired and wireless LANs have security issues, but since the data transmission in a WLAN takes place in a wireless medium, it has some additional security threats. This report gives a clear insight into the security issues of the WLANs and gives the counter measures to be taken to minimize those threats. The other issue is the „intrusion in the network‟. This issue is also dealt with by providing a concise report about the intrusion detection system, its methods and models.