• An online sharable diary system using Sun Technologies

      Farrow, Roger (University of Bedfordshire, 2009-10)
      The need for an online sharable diary came from a company who were having trouble keeping track of their employees during the day using a traditional paperbased diary solution, they had tested a variety of software solutions (Outlook and iCal) but these solutions didn't gel well across the variety of operating systems employed by the company. So a solution was sought that was free of operating system dependency yet robust and secure. The technologies chosen for this implementation were those owned by Sun and include OpenSolaris, Netbeans, MySQL and GlassFish. With Servlet and JSP being the intended programming and scripting approaches. This was for a variety of reasons but predominantly because they are available free, are enterprise level software, and because Sun offers comprehensive support options. Initial research was collected from the company in the form of questionnaires and diary samples and these contributed heavily to the development. The methodology chosen for this implementation was prototyping which worked well and enabled communication between the client and developer on a variety of issues, it helped the client feel more involved and that they would receive a useful product at the end. The implementation undertaken suffered a wide range issues both software and hardware that resulted in the program not being completed successfully. This caused changes to be made in both the development process and for the developer to have to favour JSP over Servlet for programming approach. However the HTML, CSS, database, logo and branding components were completed. An unexpected but positive outcome was also the development of a five bit binary style access control system, that reduced the number of database records and interactions required. Whilst it is impossible to state that this project was a success for either the client or the developer. The client although they are still looking for an adequate solution were interested in the development process undertaken as a means to producing criteria that would inform a decision on a solution they were also interested in the combination of use of Google calender and Doodle as means to share diary events, and to smooth the organisation of events. The developer found the taking of client requirements and using them to shape the development process was very informative, and the use of Prototyping was successful and contributed to good communication between the client and developer, there were also significant learning points relating to testing and establishing a development environment. The unexpected benefit of the creation of a binary style access control was also interesting although more development is required.