• ‘Small trip’ : looking for the natural voice

      Duddridge, Daniel (University of Bedfordshire, 2006-01)
      This experimental short novel and thesis examines the techniques used by Jack Kerouac and Alan Bissett, to create a 'natural voice' and my efforts to achieve similar effects. In 'Small Trip' I explore the techniques and methods Kerouac used when writing his book, On the Road experimenting with syntactic drive, stream of consciousness and 'spontaneous prose' styling. I wanted to see how the natural voice is supported through the characterisation and setting of the story. In addition I studied experimental typographical techniques from Alan Bissett and B.S. Johnson and used Bissett's typographical and syntactic techniques to add energy and intensity to the narrators 'voice'. I examine the role of the narrator, the use of autobiographical material within this genre, and discuss the way in which the writer's 'self-mining' contributes to the natural voice. I found Kerouac's method of writing continuously without a formal plan was an effective device to generate a consistent 'natural voice' but caused problems with plot development and range within the characters.