• To compare the level of knowledge / awareness of sexual risk behaviour related to HIV/Aids among people from the Niger Delta and Abuja regions : a survey

      Barikpoar, Ebenezer (University of Bedfordshire, 2008-10)
      The Niger Delta and Abuja in Nigeria have distinct cultural and demographic profiles that could shape levels of awareness and risky sexual behaviour related HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS prevalence is high in Nigeria and this could be linked to intrinsic factors such as high poverty and low educational level among indigines in the Niger Delta, and extrinsic factors such as a presence of migrant oil company workers, and impact of having 3 out of 5 Nigeria seaports in the region. In contrast Abuja is the political capital of the country and this has resulted in an influx of people into the region both nationally and globally, seeking greener pastures. These factors are likely to influence population in these two areas and their responses. Studies have looked at the level of awareness about HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, but this study will be the first to compare two regions. This study compares levels of knowledge, awareness and high risk sexual behaviours among people from Niger Delta and those from the federal capital Abuja territory. A convenience sample of 200 customers half of which visited a pharmacy shop in the Niger Delta and the other half a pharmacy shop in Abuja over a 3 week period completed questionnaires administered to them by the author. Questions covered demographics, awareness level and sexual risk behaviours relating to HIV/AIDS. Responses to questions were compared using basic statistical analytic techniques. There was a high level of awareness among the Niger Delta and Abuja respondents although the Abuja respondents showed a higher level of awareness in comparison to the respondents from the Niger Delta. The Niger Delta respondents however, had a higher level of knowledge but were more likely to engage in high risk sexual behaviour compared to the Abuja respondents. High levels of knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS are not associated with low levels of risky sexual behaviour, the Niger Delta respondents despite having a reduced level of awareness are more like to be involved in high risk sexual behaviour than the Abuja respondents. Further research is needed using more robust methods and larger samples to explore and compare these issues.