• Intelligent trolley

      Alotaibi, Sami (University of Bedfordshire, 2012)
      Intelligent Trolley is a new concept and has modified the regular shopping experience. The studies highlight that the intelligent trolley has provided more convenience and has eased shopping. Besides convenience it has saved time there is no need for the consumers to stand and wait in long queues to pay for their purchases which the consumers have been complaining about before. Studies also highlight the technological improvement that has been done over the shopping cart or trolley and the variety of services it offers to the consumers. Studies have discussed about the Radio Frequency Technology Identification (RFID) system that has been installed in the intelligent trolley. RFID is a more resistant and safer technology it identifies the product and provides the long range information. To read the product's RFID does not need direct contact and has a high range. RFID connects the cart with the store's system and provides navigation to the consumers throughout the aisles of store and identifies product location for them. My research conducted over the intelligent trolley highlights the impact it had over the supermarkets and the retail stores. Stores competed over the prices however the introduction of intelligent trolley has provided them competitive edge. It signifies the investment and the finance store would be required to make in order to introduce such technology. It highlights that the initially finance would be required but the benefits it would provide would outweigh the costs. it would provide the internet access to the consumers, upload their shopping list and download it at their trolley. The navigation system would provide them the exact location of their products even the specific products could be highlighted. Time wasted in finding the products would be saved and the consumers would not be required to stand in long queues. Intelligent trolley also provides some extra features that are extra service and entertainment to the customer. It is shown that different companies have worked on RFID scanners like Fujitsu and Microsoft who have launched their products and are modifying it as per the needs of the market and consumers. This research revealed that the introduction of this technology would require some finance and the stores would have to bear some costs in order to upgrade the IT systems. The supermarkets and the retail store have normally competed over the costs and tried to provide low price products to the customers however it has become hard to compete on this ground. The introduction of intelligent trolley would provide competitive edge to the store as they would be offering extra services to the customers. The prices that the stores offer are almost the same these new features offered in the form intelligent trolley would attract more customers. It would decrease the complaints they had regarding shopping at the stores. Intelligent would reduce their shopping time no longer waiting and roaming in the aisles for finding the products would be required.