• The 'H' in HCI: enhancing perception of the interactive through the performative.

      Biggs, Simon; Dima, Mariza; Ekeus, Henrik; Hawksley, Sue; Timmons, Wendy; Wright, Mark (SpringerLink, 2010)
      Motion sensing technologies are well developed at the bio-mechanical (motion capture) and geo-locative (GPS) scales. However, there are many degrees of scale between these extremes and there have been few attempts to seek the integration of systems that were designed for distinct contexts and tasks. The proposition that motivated the Scale project team was that through such systems integration it would be possible to create an enhanced perception of interaction between human participants who might be co-located or remotely engaged, separated in either (or both) time or space. A further aim was to examine how the use of these technologies might inform current s discourse on the performative.