• Environmental effects on coral growth and recruitment in the Caribbean

      Crabbe, M. James C. (Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 2011)
      Knowledge about factors that are important in coral reef growth help us to understand how reef ecosystems react following major anthropogenic and environmental disturbances. In addition, they may help the industry understand how aquarists can improve the health of their corals. The author have studied environmental and climate effects on corals on fringing reefs in Jamaica. Radial growth rates (mm/yr) of non-branching corals calculated on an annual basis from 2000–2008 showed few significant differences either spatially or temporally along the north coast, although growth rates tended to be higher on reefs of higher rugosity and lower macroalgal cover. He has also reconstructed recruitment patterns, using growth modelling, for nonbranching corals at sites on the north coast of Jamaica near Discovery Bay, and near Kingston Harbour, on the south coast. The aim was to better understand the impacts of tropical storms on coral reefs and for aquarists to better maintain coral reef species in artificial environments.